The Brand

Image of Clifton Suspension Bridge

Ross Oliver breathes a new breath to men’s luxury footwear, offering craftsmanship merged with the heritage of British made quality and modern styles and shapes. Accompanied by a design ethos like no other brand, taking wonders and social issues from around the world, and infusing them into luxury footwear, in hope to bring attention to topics of global and social concern. 

The styling of Ross Oliver is modern yet timeless. The bridge inspired "Brycgian Loafer" is a style that recognises the history of connecting people, places, communities and cultures, creating a future iconic feature for a modern multi-cultural world. A design brought into fruition due to the unique significance the Clifton suspension bridge had on founder Ross Saunders during his upbringing.

With vast style differences available, men desire to express their individuality today, more so than ever before. Designs by Ross Oliver offer that new fresh alternative to exiting brands, while conserving British craftsmanship skills and manufacturing in the process.

"My Aim is to bestow a footwear brand with designs originating from a form of global significance or social importance. Whether through historical buildings, bridges, traditional/cultural designs or social problems. The design ethos is what makes Ross Oliver different from other Brands. It is also important to conserve the importance of British footwear in the industry, and what better way than to offer a truly unique design philosophy." - Founder Ross Oliver Saunders.