Construction Techniques 

The reputation of British made footwear descends back centuries, with British made products carrying a level of luxury and craftsmanship across many continents making them highly desirable. This reputation still stands today, with the demand for British made products ever increasing year on year. This is partly due to national incentives, but predominantly a result of the craft used when manufacturing products. 


It's those exact techniques that make every design by Ross Oliver a genuinely luxurious and quality product. It is also very important to us as a social conscious brand to conserve British manufacturing. Everything from sole development, upper construction and shoe completion is done by hand with traditional methods. Each stitch, hand sown, every upper section, hand cut, and all done by some of the countries most skilled footwear artisans. We have also paid close attention to areas like the piping for added stability, insole for exceptional comfort and the filler, to bring the whole package together. 


This can be seen across all our designs, as the attention to detail, quality and comfort is immediately apparent. But the trained eye will always notice the subtle specialties and care that went into every pair. We hope you enjoy.



Ross Oliver Saunders - Founder & Creative Director