The Signature Sole


Purple has long been the colour associated with wealth, royalty, prestige and power. The elite status associated with the colour stems from the rarity and cost of the dye when trying to produce it, and at one point was only allowed to be worn by close members of the Royal family. The same level of prestige still exists today.


We wanted to take that significance and construct it into the sole's of all Ross Oliver products, as our way of certifying our devotion to heritage, luxury and prestige. But also serving as a trademark for Ross Oliver products now and in the future.



Achieving this colour was no mean feat, tracking down the worthy dye and then creating the Pantone to the tone we were looking to achieve like many things when creating products, took time. Eventually with a specialist dye sourced from Lebanon and then mixed with the genuine leather used in our soles, the signature sole was created. However, the challenge didn't end there, we then went on to test the durability of the sole when both protected and unprotected, along with checking whether the colour transferred onto other surfaces like carpets and wood flooring.


Once fully satisfied, the first prototype was made and worn by me to my university graduation ceremony, as what better way to break in the first pair. Now available on every pair, you too have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, and wear a future globally known sole that will be a talking point of any walk of life.  


Ross Oliver Saunders - Founder & Creative Director