Nubuck Suede – Ross Oliver Official

What is Nubuck Suede? 


Suede is widely regarded as the footwear material of choice during the spring season and has been for many years. Soft, lightweight and breathable are the key characteristics behind why suede has become the go to footwear choice for the fashion conscious, Sartorialists and stylists as we leave the dark winter months and head for the bright, crispy months of spring. But what about Nubuck? 


Nubuck, is considered the "expensive suede" and shares many characteristics to the Suede we have all come to know and love, except from how it is produced, and subsequently created. Unlike conventional Suede, Nubuck is sanded on the top side of the hide rather than the bottom. This results in a more durable, breathable and velvety finish, but holding the same lightweight and spring focused appeal to conventional Suede.


This is why it can be found in our SCYDD slipper, a design created in homage to the Shanghai Tower. It was important the material reflects the same significance intended in its design. Soft curves, light and airy and very bold. Only the finest example of Nubuck could be used, offering a truly luxurious to touch, comfortable to wear and long lasting quality shoe to be enjoyed.


Ross Oliver Saunders - Founder & Creative Director.